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We are developing this satellite-based fog monitoring system with an ultimate goal of integrating fog information to air, rail and vehicular transportation management, as well as for dissemination of fog information to government agencies and general public. In addition to datasets obtained from both polar orbiting and geostationary satellites, we also plan to integrate surface-based meteorological and pollution related measurements in future implementations.

Our ongoing efforts are part of a (non-profit) research activity at IIT Bombay.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Ritesh Gautam, Assistant Professor at IIT Bombay, at rgautam<at>iitb.ac.in, responsible for the overall development of the Fog detection and monitoring system.

Other group members working on various aspects including algorithm, data processing and web development are students at IIT Bombay - Reema Chourey, Dinesh Patil, Sarwar Rizvi and Manoj Singh.

Satellite Fog monitoring

Ritesh Gautam is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, since 2014. He is also a participating faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Program in Climate Studies. Prior to joining IIT Bombay, Dr. Gautam worked at the Climate and Radiation Laboratory of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center for over 5 years. His research interests include remote sensing of aerosols and their climate effects, as well as assessing their potential impacts on hydrological cycle.

Dinesh Patil is a graduate student at IIT Bombay in the Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering. His undergraduate degree is in Computer Engineering. His interests include remote sensing and GIS data analysis, and related software development. He has been working on developing an integrated system for multi-sensor satellite and GIS datasets for atmospheric remote sensing products.

Reema Chourey joined IIT Bombay in Fall 2015 as a graduate student. Her areas of interest are in remote sensing, algorithms and machine learning. Her undergraduate degree is in Information Technology; prior to coming to IIT Bombay, Reema worked in the software industry. Her present work relates to software and web development for aerosol and cloud retrievals from satellite datasets.

Sarwar Rizvi is a former grad student at IIT Bombay, still very much in touch with the group. As part of his Masters thesis, Sarwar developed fog detection algorithms and related microphysical properties retrievals from nighttime/thermal remote sensing measurements, along with fog frequency analysis over the Indo-Gangetic Plains. He presented some of his MS thesis work recently at the ACAM conference in Bangkok.

Manoj Singh is a PhD student at IIT Bombay and is working on Geostatistical and Bayesian methods, applicable to the spatial-temporal analysis and fusion of various atmospheric and oceanic datasets including aerosol data from multi-sensor satellites. Recently, he has also been involved with aerosol remote sensing during a recent 3-month visit to NASA Goddard, where he worked on developing smoke aerosol scattering models as well as a new visualization software in Python for analysis of multi-angular remote sensing data.